Couple Seeking Couples

Couple Seeking Couples for Sex

Threesome’s foursome’s and orgies are becoming very popular these days with the introduction of adult dating websites. If you’re a couple seeking couples on the internet then you really must try out one of these dating sites click here for more info. They pretty much guarantee you find another couple to meet up with for sex or they will refund your membership fee.

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Now these dating sites were created for anyone who just wanted to meet up for a one night stand and not get into a relationship, but they have evolved since then and are now highly targeted  towards couples looking for threesome’s and foursome’s  plus orgy parties that other members organize.


Thousands of couples swear by these sites as the easiest way to find another willing couple to meet up with for sex. Before adult dating sites existed you would have to visit clubs and bars hoping to find new friends who had the same sexual ideas as you, and believe me that was hard work and very rarely worked.

Or you would advertise in local papers in the hope a nice couple would respond but nine times out of ten your ad would attract the wrong type of couple, you know the type I mean, either twenty pounds overweight or about to collect their pension. You may also have tried craigslist or other free online ads but again they just attracted the wrong people.

Variety Of Members

The great thing about the adult dating websites we belong too is the variety of people we meet on these sites, we don’t always meet up for sex with all of them but we have met many new online friends through these sites and talk to them through the websites webcam service quite often. You see a lot of the friends we have met online live in different countries and if we are ever on holiday in a country we have friends in then we would meet up.

I don’t know about you but I consider that to be a bonus, I mean how cool would it be to go to another country for a holiday and also be able to meet up for sex with friends you’ve met on these dating sites. We haven’t done this yet but we are planning a trip abroad soon to a place where we do have some online friends and they are eager to meet with us so that sounds like it could be a great fortnight away.

You may have heard some bad press about adult dating sites in the past but if you join the right ones you will be fine, but there are a lot out there that just don’t have the members to justify them charging a members fee. In all honesty I think these sites should be free until they can guarantee people will meet up for sex with other members. That’s why I did a lot of research before joining the ones we belong to today.

Do The Research

If you are a couple seeking couples for foursome fun I would suggest you do your own research on which ever site your thinking about joining or you could just join one of the sites that we belong to as we have already done the research on them for you. Either way it pays to be diligent before paying a member’s fee on any type of site that charges a monthly or annual fee.

Adult Dating Personals

But once you have found a dating site that meets your requirements and you are happy with it you can then start to email other members and arrange meetings. Now this is where safety precautions come in to play, if you’ve arranged to meet up with someone for sex make sure you have asked them for plenty of photos of themselves to verify who they are and I would suggest meeting at a bar or restaurant.

It’s always best to have a few drinks and get to know each other better before jumping into bed together, this way you know if you’re all up for it. Plus you may get to the meeting and find you can’t stand each other and if you had met up at one of your homes it would be more difficult to walk away than it would be if you were in a bar.

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So with that said and done I wish you all the luck in the world as a couple seeking couples to have sex with, and may all your future foursomes be happy and memorable and don’t forget to take plenty of condoms with you as you will definitely need a lot of these.


Sexsearch Dating Website For Couples

Sexsearch as a resource to find other couples for sex has to be one of the best places online today to hook up with couples for sexual encounters. Now I’m not kidding when I say this adult dating site will almost guarantee you find a new couple to get laid with every week at least. They have all the usual dating site services including cam to cam chatting, email sending softwares, instant messaging and the list goes on and on. Oh and lets not forget the usual home made uploaded porno videos.

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But what really excites me about Sexsearch is the amount of couples seeking couples on here, and it’s worldwide couples not just local ones to main cities but every city seems to be covered on here. Check this out, in our first month of joining this adult dating site we had met up with twelve different couples for sex, how cool is that.

Sexsearch Adult Dating Site

We use sexsearch every week, we are still in touch with a lot of friends we have met on here and we are meeting new ones all the time. Thats the great thing about these dating sites, usually on a normal dating website when you meet someone and you end up together you quit the service, but with adult dating you don’t, everyone stays on to meet more sex partners which is fantastic.

I’m not sure how old this site is but it does seem to have more members than most of these dating sites and we have found it is a lot easier to meet up with people for sex than a lot of the other sites we belonged to. All in all I would say to you if you were in two minds on joining an adult dating site to try this xxxmatch or this one first because your pretty much guaranteed to get laid whether your a couple single or gay or lesbian they have someone for you.

Infact we are meeting up with a new couple tonight who we met on here a couple of days ago. Couple seeking couples on here quickly find what they are looking for and the people we are meeting up with later on found our profile page and liked what they saw and got in touch with us, which is unusual because it’s usually us who find other people because we can be fussy.

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But still they look like a great couple and hopefully all will go well tonight and we will meet up again for sex on other occassions. Anyway I would say to you to give sexsearch or xxxmatch a try before joining any other adult dating sites and see how you get on, I’m certain you won’t be dissapointed.

Shagaholic Dating Website For Couples

My wife and I live in the UK and this adult dating site I recommend is also UK based but it does have a huge worldwide membership as well. Shagaholic as the name suggest was created for singles to meet up with each other for sex. But over the past couple of years it has attracted a lot of couple seeking couples and couples seeking women and men.

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We joined this adult dating site quite some time ago and have managed to meet some wonderful people who are into the same lifestyle as us. We still meet up with most of them on regular occasions, they will either phone us or we will phone them either way it’s always nice to meet up again and the evenings usually turn out to be magical.

Shagaholic Adult Dating Site

Shagaholic as with all good adult dating sites has email, instant messenger and video calling software’s for premium members to use, plus they have a whole ton of uploaded members videos and photos for you to look at. You can even upload your own if that interest you.

If you live in London you may one day hook up with us, so keep an eye out for a couple called Mr And Mistress. Ye the wife chose the name I didn’t have any choice in it, but it makes her smile. There are some great clubs you’ll end up joining which you will find by chatting to people from this site. We have had many a great evening partying away with like minded friends.

A good tip when joining any adult dating site is to put your clearest and best profile picture on the site and use a great catchy user name, these are the things people will see first. Plus make sure your bio is written well, take some time to go over and get it right and explain everything you’re into and everything you’re not. A clear and precise bio makes all the difference.

When emailing potential sex couples always tell the truth and explain what you’re looking for when meeting up for intimate encounters. You can also chat to these people through webcam and get to know them better that way.

These adult dating websites have made our lives so much easier these days, it really is quite simple now to find willing couples to have sex with, whereas before these dating sites existed you had to visit a lot of seedy clubs and advertise in papers if you wanted to get laid with strangers.

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So do I recommend Shagaholic and the answer is yes. It’s a great site if you live in the UK but it also appeals to a worldwide audience and has enough members to keep everyone happy. So go ahead and give it a go and see if it suits your needs because it certainly suits ours.

I will soon be posting an article about XXXMatch which is in my opinion the best adult dating site online today. I will also be posting an article on UpForIt which is another great site, so keep checking back to see the latest post.

Socialsex Dating Website For Couples

It just so happens our favourite adult dating site is also one of the top ten dating sites that couples join up to. Socialsex has a very large database of worldwide couples who are looking for other couples as well as men and women. My wife and I have made many friends since joining this adult dating site and still meet up for sex with them throughout the year.

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I will be recommending a few more adult dating personals but I recommend trying this site before joining any of the others. This website is promoted very heavily towards couples, hence the amount of husbands and wife’s joining every day.  If you’re a couple seeking couples you will find what you’re looking for here.

Of course this adult dating website has millions of singles signed up as well but for threesomes and foursomes this place is a gold mine. And the best thing about it is new couples are signing up every day seeking new sex partners to experiment with.


Once you have joined the paid members area you will gain access to all of the services you will need to find your ideal sex partners, this includes emailing unlimited members, webcam chatting and instant messaging to name but a few. You will also be matched up with other members in your area quite often.

So every time someone new joins the site within a certain distant from you, you will be informed and you can then go and check them out and see if they meet your needs. But on occasions there will be some fake profilers on here and they are usually easy spotted by having profile photos of top models or porn stars, these people are con men who will try and get money out of you by asking for travelling expenses, just don’t fool for these scams and you will be ok.

You will get quiet days on this site but most of the time you should get a reply to emails within a twenty four hour period. Once you have met a couple you like you can start chatting to them through the sites video calling service

If I had to rate socialsex out of ten I would give it a ten and I really think it deserves that because of the ease of finding new couples it supplies us. It’s also a very clean site and easy to find your way around unlike some adult dating sites I’ve joined in the past.

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So before trying any other sites go sign up to socialsex now and try it for yourselves, this is the only way you are going to find out for real if it’s for you.